Click Your Number, Discover Your Risk Rating and Learn How to Recover from a Toxic Boss

You will also learn the most important shift you must make make in your thinking to avoid crippling guilt and safeguard your well-being.

  • Do you ever think "I SHOULD be able to handle this?"
  • Do you feel guilty when you need to take time off work due to stress?
  • Do you sometimes wonder if your supervisor is ruining your health?
  • Is there evidence that you are just the next person in a long line of coworkers who have been crushed by this person?

This quiz will help you understand what to do about it!

Dr. Eric Kuelker is a psychologist who has helped hundreds of people with major mood disorders caused by toxic bosses. He has a passion to walk with people to recovery from toxic bosses and protect their health and well-being despite the prevalence of such bosses in the workplace today.

I love working with clients! It is so rewarding to see clients step out of depression, or restore their fractured relationships. Watching confidence and strength build in a person who had so little before, is really gratifying.

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