How to Manage your Anxiety during the Corona Virus Crisis

Corona Virus has stirred up a lot of anxiety for people, as we face this pandemic. If the PDF below, Dr. Eric Kuelker offers some points on how to reduce your anxiety at this time. You will learn how to focus on a very important truth, filter out messages that increase your anxiety, and create a framework to help you navigate this difficult time. The PDF is free, just download it and share it with whoever may find it helpful. You can also listen to the relaxation technique below, which takes you deeper into one of the truths discussed in the article.

Coping With Coronavirus Article

Relaxation techniques can help calm you down, and soothe your anxiety. This technique shifts your brain off the paths that increase fear, and onto a truth that anxious people often ignore. It was developed by Dr. Eric Kuelker as he drove a highway so dangerous it has its' own TV show (more on that another time.) Again, download it, and share it with whoever you think will find it helpful.

Listen to "Safe Right Now" by Dr. Kuelker

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