Therapy Cost & Psychotherapy Fees

My fees are in accordance with the British Columbia Psychological Association recommended fee guidelines. Our fees are tax deductible and covered by many extended health plans. WCB, ICBC, and Victim’s Assistance may pay for the cost of therapy if you have suffered a traumatic event.

With this, comes several benefits to you as a client. First, because I use Feedback Improved Therapy, the research is very clear that therapy is twice or even three times as effective. A recent survey of psychologists in Canada found that about 3% use FIT. Second, using FIT reduces the chance that you will get ‘stuck’ in therapy. We will be tracking if therapy is helping, and if not, what needs to change to make it more effective.

While psychologists are not the least expensive of the mental health professions, we do have a very high level of education and professional training. As a result, we (along with physicians and psychiatrists) are the only mental health professionals who can provide an official/legal psychological diagnosis. This often is necessary for documentation to insurance companies.

I love working with clients! It is so rewarding to see clients step out of depression, or restore their fractured relationships. Watching confidence and strength build in a person who had so little before, is really gratifying.

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Is my psychotherapy already paid for?

An employer’s benefit package may pay for it.

Frequently, people have extended health coverage through their employer, or a family member’s employer to see a registered psychologist. The provincial and federal governments, RCMP, schools, and many businesses cover some or most of the cost of seeing a psychologist. You should contact the personnel department (or pay and benefits; or human resources) to find out if you are covered. As a rough rule, if you have dental benefits, then you have coverage for a psychologist. Your employer could tell you how much coverage is given, whether there is a deductible, or co-payment, whether a physician’s referral is needed, and whether direct billing is available.

Self-employed people can be covered

You may be able to write off $1,500 or more in therapy expenses per year as a business expense. Consult your accountant for details on this. You can also purchase extended health insurance through a Chamber of Commerce, or other sources.

Unemployed people can be covered

The extended health plans also cover family members of employees or other dependents. Thus, if you worked for the government, and your son needed psychological services, his expenses would be covered. ICBC and WCB provides coverage for individuals who have been injured in crimes, or vehicle, or work accidents to be seen by a registered psychologist. Victims of crimes have coverage through Victim Services, which is administered by the Solicitor Generals Office.

It is a worthwhile investment

Many clients have found the improvement in their emotions and relationships to be well worth the investment in time and money, even if they are not covered by a plan. Also, we invest through our taxes about $2,700 in taxes per year for each Canadian’s physical health. Isn’t an investment in our emotional health equally worthwhile?

As a professional courtesy, if the organization permits it, we will directly bill the insurance company or government agency that provides coverage. However, the ultimate responsibility for determining the amount and extent of coverage, and for full payment, rests with the client.