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In addition to my work in treating the different causes and aspects of stress and anxiety. I also coach therapists on how to measure the effectiveness of their work with clients with Feedback Improved Therapy.  The Canadian Psychological Association just released a statement strongly encouraging psychologists to measure in therapy, and I am eager to help other therapists use this process.  I also coach therapists how to grow their private practice by communicating with referral sources.  Therapists learn how to teach the value of therapy, as well as the benefits of measuring in their practice.  Further information is at

I work with adults, and specialize in working with clients from a Christian perspective. As a psychologist, I work continuously with people with diverse philosophical, sexual, and religious orientations and backgrounds.

The Tsunami of Depression

    • In 1999, 11 million prescriptions were filled for anti-depressants in Canada.
    • 4 years later, that number nearly doubled to 20 million.
    • In 2003, 1.5 billion dollars was spent on medications for mental or emotional problems in Canada.
    • 2 years later, that number doubled to 3 billion dollars.

Source: IMS Health

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