Will you invest with a psychopath?

By / January 3, 2019

It is so exciting when someone has a great idea for a business. They have spotted a big need in the marketplace, came up with a solution, and have a whiz-bang presentation. You are eager to help them, either as a business partner, or as an angel investor. You are willing to put either time, […]

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How to Survive a Toxic Boss

By / April 18, 2017

Each week, another person in my psychotherapy practice in Kelowna presents with major depression.  When I ask them why they are so depressed, they respond “It is my boss.”   This happens week after week, month after month.   What triggers such depression in so many people?  The first factor is fear.  If people work for […]

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Helping Someone Who Is Grieving

By / January 31, 2015

I recently received a phone call from the manager in a company here in Kelowna, where one of the employees had lost a sister very suddenly. The leader was concerned for the employee, and asked what more could be done to help this person, as their performance was really affected. They said that although the […]

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How The Media Got It Wrong About Depression

By / January 15, 2015

Today I was listening to the radio, when there was a story about how depression might be an allergic reaction to stress. I was surprised to hear how wrong the conclusions were about what causes depression, and how to treat it. The story was about a neuroscientist who put a small mouse into a cage […]

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What Is The Best Treatment For Depression?

By / September 27, 2013

More people are taking antidepressant pills than any other category of medication.  But is this the best treatment for depression?  Is psychotherapy better?  To answer these crucial questions, I played into the scientific literature.  The results were not what I expected.  I explain what they are in this talk.  This will help you decide what […]

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I love working with clients! It is so rewarding to see clients step out of depression, or restore their fractured relationships. Watching confidence and strength build in a person who had so little before, is really gratifying.

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